Thakumar Jhuli golpo cartoon video and moral story

Thakumar Jhuli golpo cartoon video and moral story

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Thakuramar Jhuli (Grandmother's Garden of Stories) (Bengali: ঠাকুরমার ঝুলি) is a collection of Bengali folk tales and fairy tales. Dakshinranjan Mitra Mazumdar was the man who first collected some folk tales of Bengali and published it in 1907 (1314 of the Bengali calendar) as "Thakuramar Jhuli". Nobel-laureate Rabindranath Thakur wrote the introduction to the compilation. Since then, it's become a favorite of Bengali children. Over the years, it's become a household name in West Bengal and Bangladesh.

Some characters and stories like "Lalkamal-Neelkamal" and Byangoma-Byangomi have gained a great status, especially among children. Since the original publication, hundreds of editions of the book have been published from Bangladesh and West Bengal. An English translation of Reena Pritish Nandi has recently become available.

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